Corporate policies

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Direction Policy

At PROCAPS S.A.S., we are committed to conduct our staff and relate interdependently within the general principle of effective management:

  • Caring and expanding self-esteem and self-confidence of our employees and the team.
  • Focusing on the behavior, not the personality of the employee.
  • Listening and responding with empathy. Involving the employee in problem solving and decision-making.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the positive performance.
  • Designing intelligent working systems.
  • Agreeing objectives, reviewing progress and giving feedback.

At PROCAPS S.A.S. we are sure that we count with human talent “Capable, Competent and Valuable.

Integral Quality System Policy

At PROCAPS S.A.S. we are committedto: Meet the standards, quality agreements and environmental legislations applicable to our production processes and marketing of pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary drugs, physiotherapy and dietary supplements to meet the requirements of our customers.

  • To promote a safe international trade that generates confidence in our customers and employees.
  • To prevent risks associated with quality, the environment and safety generated by our operation.
  • To continuously improve the performance of our management system, supported by the allocated resources and the expertise of our team.

Human Development Policy

At PROCAPS S.A.S., we are committed to maintaining an environment that encourages all of ur employees to find an integral comprehensive development (physic, mental, spiritual, social/emotional), acquiring new capabilities, skills, abilities and attitudes that ensure their employability and flexibility within the organization towards the changes of the environment and the high competitiveness of the market.

The Human Development process comprises:
  • Selection of qualified personnel for each position, with a development potential, that easily identifies with our organizational culture “Vision, Values, Policies, Key Strategic Objectives and Structures.”
  • Corporate Induction.
  • Processes training.
  • Position training.
  • Continuous training in updating standards, and strategic core competencies.
  • Training in preventive medicine and occupational training.
  • Support sports and wellness programs.
  • We encourage and support self-development, self-monitoring, collective and individual learning; we forming facilitators and driving Continuous Improvement.

Corporate Social Responsability Policy

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of PROCAPS S.A.S. enables the organization to define the scope of its commitment to its internal and external stakeholders and the community in general; in improving individual and collective living conditions, in the acting within ethical standards and environmental protection, establishing guidelines and principles of actions to do so:

PROCAPS S.A.S., is a socially responsible company through the commitment assumed with the well-being of its employees and the promotion of a “healthy” culture, serving strictly with sustained national and international standard management and the following principles within of which is linked to the different stakeholders with which it interacts:

  • We define, apply and follow up our values and ethics.
  • We guarantee job creation and rights enforcement, legal and regulatory obligations of the employees and the Company, we also demand national legal conditions of contracts with companies in relation.
  • We support the community in our area of influence with sustainable and measurable programs that ensure their harmonious development.
  • We meet our integrated Management System as well as the requirements and legislation applicable to the operations related to the process of production and marketing of our products and services.
  • We establish open and direct communications with our clients so that they can choose freely based on adequate information.

Communication Policy

At PROCAPS S.A.S., we believe that communication is the key strategic element for successful management and the complying of the Organizational Goals through outreach work with a coherent corporate message that emphasizes in: business management, strengthening the corporate identity between internal and external customers, encourage the participation of employees in achieving corporate objectives, creating spaces for social development, strengthening the sense of belonging to the organization and reinforcing effective communication flows between the different managements and their areas.

Occupational Health Policy

In pursuing its Mission, PROCAPS S.A.S. declares its special interest and concern in the protection of the integrity of its employees, contractors and third parties involved in its processes, committing with all the levels of the company responsible for the development of a safely performed job, implementing the Preventive Program and in compliance with all the standard rules on date in Colombia regarding Occupational Health.

Recognition Policy

At PROCAPS S.A.S., we recognize the initiative, creativity, participation and obtaining individual and team results in order to maintain and improve the motivation of our staff towards achieving the objectives of the company.

We constantly encourage the work well done and we measure through effective performance indicators. We search to surprise our people doing things right and doing them the appropriate recognition.

Every two month and once a year we reward creativity, analytical skills, cost reduction, improving the quality processes, products, services, safety and working environment through our CREATISUME Program, measured with Quality-Cost indicators.

Annually we recognize outstanding work, good interpersonal relationships and collaborative spirit in each of the Business and Supporting Units, individually and as a team, highlighting the “Employee of the Year.”