Social Management Report 2012

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Letter from our Chair

We share with our partners and stakeholders this Social Responsibility report which consign our commitment to the environment, the development of our people, the welfare of the community, innovation and quality of our products.

In Procaps SA understand that social responsibility beyond compliance with laws and regulations, is an active and sustainable contribution compared to social, economic and environmental effects of public and regions with which we interact.

We are aware that RSE starts with "home" and so we have focused on contributing to the development and improvement of the quality of life of our employees and their families. The Company works with quality standards to ensure the health and safety of workers and provide working conditions needed to make space Procaps provide challenges and rewards.

We foster leadership, skills development and environmental awareness as key and essential elements of our ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE that leverage the objectives and commitment to contribute to sustainable with our stakeholders.

With the neighboring community have provided support to a new generation of female heads of households who want to be productive and generate income for their families, and continue to support the teaching of values ​​in a group of children for their behavior and how they interact and relate, is centered on respect, tolerance and cooperation, creating opportunities for training, excel and dreams for a living without violence.

With doctors, patients and clients, we maintain a strong commitment to quality and innovation in our products, offering value added and comprehensive therapeutic solutions, bringing health and wellness to the community.

Maintain the commitment and conviction to continue on this learning process, working on the definition of strategies and action plans that allow us to generate sustainable change and transformation in all our areas of operation.

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