Every human being has different characteristics, it is possible that adverse events vary between individuals who receive the same treatment, and Procaps purpose is to improve health, committed to the safety of our products and to ensure the welfare of patients.
For this reason, we have a department of Pharmacovigilance, which promotes the pursuit of suspected adverse events that may occur during treatment with any of our products. For this we have professionals dedicated to the activity of Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management of medicines, who are responsible for the reporting, collection and monitoring of adverse events in both marketed products as well as various clinical studies we are doing.
To report a suspected adverse event requires only the following information:

1. Patient initials, mention if male or female, sex and age.
2. Describe what happened to the patient (Example: if you have allergies) and very important evolution of the event (as usual, was recovered, worsened).
3. To include the reporting of suspected adverse event in our database, the patient should be taking one of our drugs.
4. The name of the person submitting the report of suspected adverse events and their contact details, which can be a phone number, or email address.

A person of Pharmacovigilance Dept will contact with you asap.