Our commitment


Heading our efforts towards health improvement, offering services and pharmaceutical products with international quality standards, being innovative and reachable promoting the education of a healthier way of life and well-being of citizens around the world.

Striving for the achievement of success, exceeding the expectations of our customer and suppliers, bearing within the creation of strategic alliances that ensure a fair and equitable environment.

Working towards the pursuit of a harmonious growth of our business based on a corporate governance code and an image associated with a strong ethical and financial performance, a continued economic value generation for our shareholders and a concrete contribution to improving the lives of our citizens.

Generating (a) continuous improvement supported by the development of the Human Talent of our employees and our organization through a continuous training process and promotions.

Committed to the development and welfare of the community, building a healthier environment, with the preservation and sustainable development of the environment.

We know, respect and learn from our competitors and we thrive to overcome them, within a framework of solid ethical principles.


PROCAPS S.A.S., will be recognized as a leading and a socially responsible company in the pharmaceutical market and a socially responsible company, through compliance of the highest standards of performance and the generation of values among its employees, doctors, patients, clients, investors, business partners, suppliers, the communities where we will work with and all the public we will interact with.



PROACTIVITY: Ability to always be at the forefront, assuming responsibility and anticipating different internal and external demands.

COMPLIANCE: At Procaps we are consistent with the commitments made, we honor the word given and the agreements made at all levels inside and outside the Company.

HUMILITY: People that learn from their mistakes turning them into opportunities for success, sensitive to innovation, change and continuous improvement, are self-demanding and with high desire to succeed.

TEAM WORK: People thinking and acting cooperatively, jointly and interdependently, permanently and faithfully fulfilling their commitments, with the ability to communicate clearly and openly without sensitivity and with a constructive approach.

COMPETITIVENESS: People that act quickly and accurately in various situations giving quick and accurate solutions, always thinking and acting on the effectiveness of the business (achievement of results) and at the same time in its efficiency (costs and response speed). A company characterized by a culture of great dynamism and a spirit of decision.

AUSTERITY: People convinced that our permanence depends on our operating costs, and therefore, very sensitive to extra costs, inefficiencies, waste and things that do not add value.

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