Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

PROCAPS S.A.S. Corporate Social responsibility policy enables the organization to define the capacity of its commitment to its internal and external stakeholders and the community in general; in improving individual and collective living conditions, in the act within ethical standards and environmental protection, establishing guidelines and principles of actions to do so:

PROCAPS S.A.S., is a socially responsible company through the commitment assumed with the well-being of its employees and the promotion of a “healthy” culture, serving strictly and sustained national and international standard management and the following principles within of which is linked to the different publics with which it interacts:

  • We define, apply and follow up our values and ethics.
  • We guarantee job creation and rights enforcement, legal and regulatory obligations of the employees and the Company, as well as we demand national legal conditions of contracts with companies in relation.
  • We support the community in our area of influence with sustainable and measurable programs that ensure their harmonious development.
  • We meet our integrated Management System as well as the requirements and legislation applicable to the operations related to the process of production and marketing of our products and services.
  • We establish open and direct communications with our clients so that they can choose freely based on adequate information.

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