Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of PROCAPS S.A. enables the organization to define the scope of its commitment to its internal and external audiences, and to the community in general, in the improvement of individual and collective living conditions by acting within ethical parameters and in the protection of the environment, establishing the guidelines and principles of action to achieve this:

PROCAPS S.A., is a Socially Responsible company through the commitment it assumes with the integral well-being of its Collaborators and the promotion of a "healthy" culture, complying in a strict and sustained way with national and international management standards and the following principles, within which it is linked to the different audiences of interest with which it interacts:

  • We define, apply, and monitor our values and ethical principles.

  • We respect the rights of workers, ensuring wages that comply with good industry practices and granting the best development and working conditions. The company values diversity and promotes equal opportunities, guarantees the safe and healthy labor of its workers by striving for zero risk of its Collaborators, contractors, and visitors, and ensures the free choice of employment, non-discrimination, free association, negotiation, and labor participation.

  • The company is committed to the integral well-being of its Employees, as well as to the support provided to improve their family environment, maintaining a harmonious development between the company and the family through training and development actions, benefit plans for the Collaborators and their families within the legal framework, and strict respect for organizational principles and values.

  • We support the communities in our areas of influence with sustainable and measurable programs that guarantee their harmonious development.

  • We comply with our Integral Management System, as well as with the requirements and legislation applicable to the operations related to the production and marketing processes of our products and services.

  • We establish open and direct communications with our clients, so that they can choose freely based on adequate information.