Program Procaps for a Healthy Citizen

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We are committed with decisions and leadership in a Corporate Social Responsible Program that addresses all Social Responsibility indicators identified by the Global Pact and the Standard SA 8000. Social Responsibility aims at building a strong value system within the organization, leading to develop actions to improve the quality of life for employees of the company and all stakeholders in the long term.

In this sense, we have launched the Program Procaps for a Healthy Citizen with the clear purpose of improving health indicators among its employees and then extend it to the general public.

With this program we assume publicly our commitment to corporate social responsibility, in accordance with our policy, and supporting one of the basic strategies of the OMS in building healthy citizens such as health promotion, defined as socializing habits and practices that prevent disease, build healthy environments and health vision in a collective way, not in an individual form.

Healthy Citizen

Fundamental Programs:

Training on healthy lifestyles

Training on healthy lifestylesThe objective of this program is based on modifying the eating patterns of employees through appropriate nutrition education to the requirements of the OMS to contribute to a healthy life and reduce the risk of chronic non-transmittable diseases associated with an unhealthy diet.

With this initiative we also want to change sedentary habits by implementing sports and recreational activities that contribute to improving the physical and mental health, and change habits related to mental health issues related to relaxation, stress management, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, use of alcohol and snuff, responsible sexuality and leisure management through building a life plan that integrates the individual life, family, work and citizenship.

Health Protection

Health ProtectionEncourage the proper handling of promotion services and health prevention, as well as the proper use of health services within our employees and in communities surrounding the Company.

On the other hand, we encourage the establishment of healthy and supportive environments that promote the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of the working population in both their work and family environment. We instruct employees in handling variables that influence their healthy environment: water use, energy, solid waste recycling, removal of visual and sound pollution.

Campaign a Colombian need us

Campaign a Colombian need usThis is an annual nation wide campaign, where PROCAPS S.A.S. supports our military forces. It is a way of contributing to the much-desired peace in our country. In December we invite our partners, employees, families, physicians and customers to write messages of encouragement to our soldiers in the country and bring them gifts purchased on behalf of persons who engage in the laudable cause.

In 2012 we celebrate 10 years of strengthening communication links between the Colombian and sentries in different regions of our country.