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Social Media Policy

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Social Networks, Terms and Conditions

The information published on the Procaps SA website and on social networks is intended to communicate our services, news, provide information about the company, among others, for its own content use or, authorized in accordance with the law, in case it is not own content. For this reason, Procaps cannot be, nor will it be responsible for comments, files, images, videos, or any other type of material uploaded or shared by users of web pages or social networks.

So, with regard to its own information, Procaps reserves the right to keep said information on its page or social networks, to modify, delete or share it, according to what it deems convenient for itself. Likewise, Procaps, regarding content that is not its own, but that has been shared or published through its web pages, social networks, or digital platforms, reserves the right to eliminate them, in case it considers them false, defamatory, obscene, that violate the relevant legislation or for considering that they do not reflect the mission or vision of the company, its organization or its collaborators.

By virtue of all of the above, in the event that you have any query or claim regarding the information posted, shared or provided through the Procaps web pages and/or social networks, please raise it through our web page or send an email to , in order to be able to resolve your concerns within the parameters and terms indicated by law.