Procaps supporting our local culture

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Procaps supporting our local culture

Fecha de Publicación: 6/17/2014 2:01:12 PM

As a pillar within our social responsibility policy, Procaps strongly supports the culture that surrounds our city and community, such as the Carnival of Barranquilla, the traditional celebration and our chosen culture, born exactly in the same city were Procaps has been established since 1977.
As part of a promotional strategy of what has been named by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage, the Carnival of Barranquilla launched this June 4th the annual calendar 2014-2015 counting with Procaps support. Additional to this, Procaps has also contributed with the publication of the carnival´s bilingual brochure which runs every year as well.

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