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Procaps Group, a Leading Global Pharmaceutical Technology and Healthcare Company Based in Latin America, Going Public via Merger with Union Acquisition Corp II

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Procaps: A trajectory of innovation in Latin America

For more than 40 years, Procaps has developed integral pharmaceutical solutions for people’s health, which has led it to become a leader within the Latin American pharmaceutical market. Due to its sustainable model and commitment to contribute to the well-being of society, it has also managed to become an organization with excellent performance at a global scale.

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Osteoporosis, An Epidemic That Can Be Prevented And Treated

For 20 years, the world held every October 20 the International Day of Osteoporosis, a disease that reduces stealthily density and bone quality. Given that converts the bone structure into something increasingly fragile and porous, this condition greatly increases the possibility that sufferers experience one or more fractures.

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The challenge of a global population aging at an accelerated pace

The challenge of a World Population Aging to Steps Accelerated According to statistics handled by the World Health Organization, in 2050 the proportion of the world's people over 60 will have doubled, from 11% to 22%. In absolute numbers, this age group will have received 605 million individuals in the early twenty-first century to 2000 million in 2050.

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ICONTEC recognizes PROCAPS good environmental management system.

We got a favorable concept from ICONTEC on the Follow-Up Audits. The past 14, 15 and 16 of September, there was a Follow-Up Audits of Environmental Management system based on ISO 14001, 2004 version.

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