Privacy Policy

PROCAPS S.A processes the personal data of its stakeholders in the execution of its business purpose consisting mainly of the manufacture, import and sale of medicines, processed foods, dietary supplements, gelatin capsules, medical devices, and other similar products. The foregoing, without prejudice to the other activities described in its corporate purpose.

The personal data in custody of PROCAPS S.A. in their capacity as Responsible and/or Manager, as the case may be, will be treated in compliance with the principles and regulations set forth in Colombian law and the good practices applicable to the personal data protection regime. Consequently, they will be treated in accordance with the following general purposes:

  • For the manufacture, marketing, scientific research and innovation of products in the pharmaceutical field, without prejudice to other related and complementary activities.
  • For the investigation of certain events around pharmaceutical products manufactured and/or marketed.
  • To monitor the people who consume and/or acquire the products manufactured and/or marketed by the company.
  • For the compliance of the legal obligations that involve personal data of its stakeholders.
  • For the compliance of the obligations and/or commitments derived from the relationships, contractual or not, existing with its stakeholders.
  • For the commercial management and relationship with its stakeholders. 
  • For the development of E-commerce activities.
  • To communicate to its stakeholders information about its products, publications, training events, congresses, scientific developments, activities of its commercial management associated with its business activity, whether it is carried out directly or not.
  • To deploy corporate social responsibility activities towards its stakeholders.
  • To manage the security of people, goods and information assets in the custody of the organization.

In each business process, and according to the personal data collected and the processing to be carried out, the particular purposes will be informed in advance in the respective privacy notice; name or company name and contact information of the one responsible or the person in charge of the process, if the process is carried out by a person responsible for the process, in such case the person in charge will be under the direction of PROCAPS SA, the rights that assist the owner and the mechanisms provided by PROCAPS SA, to publicize the Privacy Policy. 

Any of the stakeholders, in their capacity as owner, interested or legitimately authorized, in relation to the processing of their personal data has the right to: 

Exercise their Habeas Data right consisting of knowing, updating, rectifying their personal information. They can also oppose and cancel their data and personal information in those cases where appropriate.

Evidence the existence of the consent granted, unless there is legal authorization for the processing, or it is carried out within the framework of a contract.
Exercise the actions that the law recognizes in terms of personal data protection and habeas data. 

For the exercise of Habeas Data, the owner of the personal data or whoever demonstrates a legitimate interest as indicated in the current regulation, may do so through the following email:, web link: or by sending a communication to HABEAS DATA PROCAPS at the following physical address: Calle 80 No. 78B – 51 in the city of Barranquilla. Whoever exercises habeas data must accurately provide the contact information requested for the purpose of processing, attending and responding to their request and deploying the charges for the exercise of their rights. 

Once the request to exercise Habeas Data has been received, PROCAPS S.A. will respond in terms of law.