Road Safety Policy

PROCAPS S.A., a company dedicated to the manufacture of medicines, is committed to planning, and implementing strategies and actions of education, promotion and prevention aimed at the reduction and elimination of road accidents, and to promote the safe behavior of the different road actors. Consequently, all the people who work in the company are responsible for actively participating in the activities programmed and developed by the Road Safety Committee aimed at reducing the probability of accidents that may affect the physical, mental, and social integrity of officials, contractors, the community in general and the environment. To comply with this policy, PROCAPS S.A., adopts the requirements of the National Road Safety Plan - Colombia 2011/2021 and undertakes to the following measures:

  • Comply with the applicable legal requirements in terms of road safety, with the continuous improvement of its strategic road safety plan through an integrated management system and expresses its determined will to carry out the good development of the same.
  • Comply with the regulations established in the National Land Transit Code according to Law 769 of 2002 issued by the Congress of the Republic of Colombia and modified by Law 1383 of 2010, the provisions of Resolution of the Ministry of Labor No. 1565 of 2014, and other related rules that add, complement, or modify them, which are framed in principles of safety, quality, preservation of a healthy environment and the protection of public space.
  • Monitor and respect the driving and rest shifts, established in PROCAPS S.A., without allowing any worker to exceed the scheduled hours.
  • Encourage our drivers to respect the speed limits established by law, these being: 80 km/h on the road, 60 km/h in perimeter areas and 30 km/h in school, residential and hospital areas, considering that these speed limits can only be exceeded according to article 64 of Law 769 of 2002 (CNT) in duly authorized cases.
  • Promote the mandatory use of seat belts among employees who drive in the exercise of their missionary activity to prevent the risks associated with road safety.
  • Prohibit the use of mobile phones when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Establish awareness and education strategies for all its employees through training actions aimed at the prevention of traffic accidents and respect for the rules and signs of vehicular traffic, which allow the adoption of proactive behaviors against defensive driving and contribute to the dissemination of the Strategic Road Safety Plan to stakeholders.
The above guidelines will be implemented under the focus of Continuous Improvement.